3D Models

Screenshot 2014-09-16 17_Fotor

Below are 3D models of some modern and archaeological dog and wolf bones studied in this project. The models were produced by laser scanning archaeological bones, both in Canada and Russia.  The files below are PDFs, if you download the pdf and open it with an updated version of Adobe Acrobat, you should be able to click on the image and move it around using your cursor. Additional models will be added as we continue the project. Be patient when downloading, as some of the files are quite large. All models are curated by Dr. Tatiana Nomokonova.


1. The mandible of an 8000 year old wolf found buried in the Lokomotiv cemetery in Irkutsk, Russia. Lokomotiv Wolf Mandible

2. The cranium of the Lokomotiv wolf shown above. Lokomotiv Wolf Cranium

3. The cranium of a 7000 year old dog from a grave at the Shamanka II cemetery on Lake Baikal, Russia. Shamanka Dog Cranium

4. The cranium of a 7000 year old dog buried at the Ust’Belaia site, near Irkutsk, Russia. This dog skeleton was buried wearing a necklace of red deer teeth. Ust Belaia Dog Cranium

5. The cranium of a 1000 year old dog from the Proezzhaia fortified village. This dog was butchered, and then its skeletal remains were carefully placed in a pit below the floor of a house, along with metal tools and mussel shells. Proezzhaia Dog Cranium

6. The cranium of a 31,700 year Palaeolithic old dog from the Goyet site in Belgium. Goyet dog cranium

7. The cranium of a 26,000 year old Pleistocene wolf from the Trou des Nutons site in Belgium. Nutons wolf

Screenshot 2014-09-16 18_Fotor

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